The Engineer Accelerator Program

The Engineer Accelerator Program


8 weeks | Ages 18+

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Engineer Accelerator returns for a new session,  September 20th to November 17th. Classes will be held Wednesday evenings and Saturdays – online and at The Port Workspaces in downtown Oakland, CA. Students who enroll in the Engineer Accelerator learn the hidden skill set of successful hardware engineers and how to become more productive. The eight-week program is $1,000.

For engineers working full time, this program explains the skills needed to manage the chaotic nature of development when overwhelmed at work and missing deadlines, dealing with a difficult team dynamics, and in need of help structuring their work process. Students master techniques to manage their time, deal with professional conflict and produce deliverables with fewer errors. This course is designed to accommodate busy schedules and time constraints.  

For students and engineers in a job hunt, this program is an entry point into the industry. Whether someone is trying to figure out what part of the industry to go into, uncertain if they have the skills to succeed or having trouble networking, the Engineer Acceleratorprovides the industry context they'll be working in, the concepts that will allow them to work with a team of professional engineers, and a community to help make the transition into the industry. Students of the Engineer Accelerator become better candidates and get the skills needed to be productive on day 1. Students currently enrolled in college receive a discount of $400 off the $1,000 program cost.

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