Hack Reactor Software Engineering Bootcamp

Hack Reactor Software Engineering Bootcamp


9-12 weeks | Ages 18+|Flexible Financing Available

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Hack Reactor selects high-potential students through a rigorous admissions process (previous exposure to coding required). We train students through over 800 hours of Computer Science and JavaScript curriculum that closely models the software engineering industry. 

A large portion of our coding bootcamp curriculum includes pair programming. This means you'll collaborate at pairing stations with another student on projects - emulating real-time teamwork. Over the years, we have devised a highly refined set of lessons on Full-Stack JavaScript, Computer Science fundamentals, and key soft skills. During the second half of the coding bootcamp course, students use their skills to design and build fully functional apps from scratch.  Our experienced team then works directly with each student to ensure they are able to excel in their career search and negotiate multiple offers.

Onsite: 12 Weeks Full-Time
Remote: 12 Weeks Full-Time (Online)
Remote: 9 Months Part-Time (Online)

Telegraph Track, an extension of the world-renowned Hack Reactor immersive, is a program built to specifically address the challenges that underrepresented students face in the tech and engineering world.

Location: Hack Reactor, 944 Market Street, 8th floor, San Francisco, CA 94102

For more information & to apply: https://www.hackreactor.com/